J F Brown (Surveys)


We provide the following services:

  • Planning Surveys
  • Land Surveys
  • Stockpile and Excavations
  • Setting Out

J.F.Brown (Surveys) can provide the following surveying services: Planning surveys, Land surveys, Stockpile and Excavation surveys and Setting out.

Planning/Land Surveys

Topographical survey detail would usually include features such as:  boundary definition, street furniture, buildings & structures, trees & vegetation, surface changes, highways etc.  Survey data can be related to a Local Grid & Datum Level or to National Grid & Ordnance Survey Datum Level.

Carried out to meet your own specifications our clients know that all survey data is accurate and will provide the perfect base for the rest of their project.

All our surveys are processed in 3D enabling us to produce contoured plans, longitudinal sections, cross sections and volumes.  

Setting Out

Setting out is undertaken with GPS or Geodimeter Total Station, projects may include earthwork profiles, boundary locations, landfill cell construction, exhibition sites, development sites , conveyor lines, restoration works etc.

Stockpiles & Excavations

J. F. Brown (Surveys) specialise in carrying out volumetric stock surveys for the quarrying industry & are able to provide monthly, quarterly or annual surveys for either internal or external auditing purposes. We aim to provide an efficient & cost effective service which meets the tight time schedules and budgets of quarry managers.

Overburden stripping is an integral part of quarrying operations and our wealth of experience in this area ensures high accuracy volumetric figures for our clients.   

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